Diy Vr Headset Lenses

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Diy Vr Headset Lenses. Using the xacto knife, cut the template out. And glue it to your now finished vr headset.

Google CardboardGANA 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality DIY
Google CardboardGANA 3D VR Headset Virtual Reality DIY from

You can use the slots on the cardboard enclosure to place it firmly on the vr headset. All lenses are individually calculated and adjusted for the best experience in your vr headset of choice. When you build a virtual reality headset you need to consider all these factors to maximize the fov without making the headset too big or heavy and maintaining the best visual experience for the user.

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The box has to be a bit bigger than your smartphone and nearly 2 inches deeper. Glue the template to your pizza or shoe box. Now find a piece of foam and cut it so it fits your face. In fact, thanks to diy makers who put their tips out there, you’re able to make your own smartphone compatible vr headset for less than $20?